Mike Rice getting anger management and needs a postseason berth to keep job

By Matt Sugam

Yesterday, Mike Rice was suspended three games and fined $50,000 by Rutgers for language and behavior directed towards playersThe Star-Ledger later reported that it was for throwing basketballs at players’ heads in his first or second year as head coach.

Today, the parameters for Rice’s return after the Rider game on December 28 have been set.

According to Jerry Carino of MyCentralJersey.com, Rice will undergo anger management classes and a monitor will observe and chronicle his behavior at practice.

Along with toning down his demeanor over the next three months, there’s one other stipulation for him to keep his job. He has to win.

Rutgers needs to play in a postseason tournament for the third-year coach to keep his job. According to Carino, that means at least an NIT berth, but that benchmark is subject to change based on other factors.

Rice – who’s midway through a five year contract – is making $650,000 this year and is set to make $700,000 next year and $750,000 in year five. However, according to his contract, he has a behvaioral clause that could lead to his termnation with cause.

The contract states:

“Termination for cause or other discipline may occur for any of the following: material breach of the contract, neglect of duty, willful; misconduct, act(s) of moral turpitude, contact tending to bring shame or disgrace to the University as determined in good faith by the Director of Athletics, violation of University regulations, policies, procedures or directives not remedied after thirty (30) days written notice, violation of your responsibilities set forth in the prior two paragraphs, criminal conviction, or unapproved absence from duty…

“…If the contract is terminated for cause, the University shall not be liable for payment of salary, additional guaranteed compensation, bonuses, benefits or any other item that would or could have been earned after the date of termination.”

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