David Cox acting head coach, President Barchi tape viewing cleared up

David Cox

Interim Head Coach David Cox

By Matt Sugam

PISCATAWAY – Media was staked out at the RAC, looking for answers following the public backlash of the release of video tapes of Mike Rice’s practices at Rutgers.

Just before 2 p.m., there were some.

Inside the RAC, speaking with the media for the first time all day, senior associate athletic director of communications Jason Baum said a few things of note.

Firstly, Rice’s associate head coach David Cox is the acting head coach of the basketball program. He was the interim head coach in November when Rice was suspended three games for his actions on the tapes, going 3-0.

As for the fact that Rutgers President Robert Barchi only saw the video yesterday, as he said in a statement, Baum said that was indeed the case.

However, the impression was that he viewed it with Athletic Director Tim Pernetti back in November.

Here was the exchange between Pernetti and the media yesterday:

Q: Has Rutgers president Robert Barchi seen the tape – and if not, has he been made aware of everything that’s on it?

A: “Yes and yes. President Barchi and I worked closely together when this issue came up. We worked closely together with members of the board. He’s a lot like me. We deal with everything in the wide open. We had the same concerns but we felt strongly that the actions that we took was important to take and deal with it.”

There was no follow up question.

According to Baum, when Pernetti answered “yes,” to the question, he was referring to the viewing Barchi had yesterday.

Pernetti did not and will not speak to the media today.

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